Madooo (Madhukar Dhas) | Singer | Song Writer | Performer

BEATLE fans, this album is a MUST for your collection!

To The "Fab Four" From Liverpool ... A Tribute From India

The Most Unique BEATLE Tribute Album You'll Ever Hear!

Your favorite songs by the BEATLES are here with an interesting Indian flavor.
Powerful vocals, tablas and sitars ring out loud throughout this album.
Arranged and performed by MADOOO (Madhu Dhas).

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The 9/11 Album: This Day Is Forever

The title song could very well be the official 9/11 Memorial Song. It is very powerful and intended as a song
for remembrance and healing from the devastation caused by the events that occured on Sept 11, 2001.
Written and performed by MADOOO (Madhukar Dhas) in Classic Rock style.

Download the 4:39 minute version of "The 9/11 Memorial Song - This Day Is Forever"

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