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Who is Madooo?

Madhukar Dhas (aka Madooo) is a Singer, Songwriter, and Performer of Indian origin, based in the USA.

Madoo is best known for his thrilling performances as the lead singer of the Indian Rock band Atomic Forest in the 1970s – mostly in Bombay, India. He is also known and still remembered for his portrayal of Jesus in Alyque Padamsee’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

You can read more about him at the About section of this website and on Wikipedia.com.

As an artist, he has a wide range of interests and the links above will help you find some of his creative endeavors.

Current Projects:

  • BigDooker.com – Website about Madhukar, prominently featuring his musical work and archive of his work over the years.
  • ForeverKards.com – A speciality website for custom cards that will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • FukYouTees.com – A graphical tee shirt and merch site that allows you to vent your frustrations in a creative and interesting manner.

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